10 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy

A beautiful smile always makes a beautiful first impression! However, much more than ensuring aesthetic well-being it is important to keep your mouth healthy to also ensure your physical well-being. The desire to have perfect and healthy teeth can be achieved with very simple habits and regular visits to the dentist (which are not only necessary but also mandatory). Check out below 10 simple tips to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile!

1 – Brush your teeth after the main meals

Brushing should be done gently, without using too much force to damage them and hurt the gums.

2 – Brush the tongue

During hygiene, do not forget to also brush the tongue, because it retains much of the bacteria in the mouth.

3 – Do not forget the floss

Flossing is also essential because the brush does not reach the spaces between the teeth, which are filled with bacteria.

4 – Watch your teeth!

Do not attempt to open packages with your teeth, as this can wear them out.

5-Visit a dentist regularly

Just like the rest of the body, your teeth need periodic check up. The recommendation is to visit the dentist every six months to keep your oral health up to date.

6 – Take care of your food

Always maintain a diet free of excess sugars, as they favor the formation of plaques and, later, of cavities.

7 – Avoid Harmful Habits

Avoid habits that directly injure your teeth, such as nail biting and smoking. The nail-biting process wears enamel, and smoking causes bad breath, pigmentation, and problems with the gums.

8 – Find a reliable diagnosis

In case of bite and/or crooked teeth, always seek an early diagnosis, preferably in childhood, to avoid serious problems in the future. In adulthood, some cases can only be resolved with surgical intervention.

9 – Beware of products that promise too much

Do not rely on products sold in pharmacies and markets that promise teeth whitening. They can give false impression of momentary whitening, while, in fact, wear out the enamel of the teeth. Dental whitening should always be accompanied by a dentist.

10 – Beware of bruxism

Bruxism (grinding teeth) can wear down severely and even break teeth. This is an often involuntary habit and for this reason should be treated with a specialist.