Dentistry for children – Understand how Pediatric Dentistry works

If you have children, you have certainly already taken them to an appointment with the pediatric dentist for oral health care and prevention, right? But do you know all about this specialty? Do you know, for example, that the professional in this area not only helps to raise doubts about the exchange of milk teeth, but also teaches to perform the correct brushing, making a much deeper follow-up, even before the child’s birth?

More than a dental surgeon, the pediatric dentist is a professional who has a responsibility to develop behavior that can result in an adult with healthy teeth. This type of professional has a new perspective on the first dentition, taking care of the teeth of the child early and stimulating it to the correct hygiene already in the first years of life.

Consultations with a pediatric dentist are still important for teaching children and parents about proper tooth brushing, fluoride and flossing in order to ensure good oral health.